Thursday, March 16, 2006

Proxy hunting narrowed to curb abuses

Alaska's Game Board took action on Tuesday to restrict proxy hunting because of abuses, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

"Proxy hunts have increased sharply in recent years, Fish and Game officials say. Some hunters reportedly abuse the practice, though they're not breaking the law.

They collect multiple proxies from senior citizens who don't need caribou or moose meat and keep the meat for themselves. Other hunters acquire proxies so they can kill more animals, thus increasing their chance of nabbing trophy game, said Fish and Game spokeswoman Cathie Harms."

The abuses are apparently wide spread, but mainly concentratred in the Nelchina country. Under the new rules, only people qualified to hunt in the area will be allowed to do so. The board also ruled that antler trophies must be destroyed to make sure the game is really being harvested to benefit those for whom the regulations where originally enacted.

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