Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ORV use off the Dalton Hwy - legislative hearing March 5

This information was passed along by the Alaska Outdoor Council. Whether or not you agree with this legislation, here is a way to make your voice heard in the process.

On Sunday March 5, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. the House Transportation Committee will be taking up HB 85. When passed into law HB 85 will repeal the ORV ban in the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area, allowing motorized access to millions of acres of public lands in GMU 20, 24, 25, and 26, north of the Yukon River. The members of the House Transportation Committee are listed below along with their contact number and e-mail address. Please respectfully contact their offices to convey your support for this piece of legislation. Information regarding SB 85 is listed directly below. If there are any questions regarding this piece of legislation please contact Senator Seekins Office at 907-465-2327.

Background: A substantial portion of Alaska's landmass lays on the north side of the Yukon River, served by only one road in the entire area -- the Dalton Highway. With very limited exceptions, current law entirely bans the use of off-road vehicles within five miles of the highway's right-of-way starting at the Yukon River crossing at mile 57 and extending 357 miles north to the Arctic Ocean.

Summary: SB 85 Removes the prohibition on the use of off-road vehicles within five miles of the right-of-way of the James Dalton Highway; beginning 12 months after the bill becomes law.

What does SB85 do?
  1. Provides access for average Alaskans to recreate on tens of millions of acres of public land
  2. Allows the State of Alaska & BLM to create and implement land use plans to provide for recreational development within the Dalton Hwy Corridor.

How ORV use is regulated within the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area, after the passage of HB 85, depends on who participates in the planning process.

House Transportation Committee Members:

Jim Elkins 465-3424
Carl Gatto 465-3743

Vic Kohring 465-2186 Rep_Vic_Kohring@legis.state
Mark Newman 465-2679
Bill Thomas 465-2679
Woodie Salmon 465-4527
Mary Kapsner 465-4942

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