Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Nelchina Caribou Hunt - Info You Need to Know

The quota for all Nelchina caribou hunts combined is 2400 animals (550 cows, 1850 bulls).

To all hunters with RC566 Tier 1 permit for the Nelchina caribou hunt beginning August 10th:

This caribou hunt may close by Emergency Order (EO) or bag limit changed to bull only. It is your responsibility to be aware of hunt changes and closures. Call the Nelchina Caribou/Moose Hotline at 907-267-2304 before you hunt for closure and other herd/hunt information. EO information can also be viewed online at:
http://www.adfg.alaska.gov (see News and Events).

Please note that evidence of sex must remain naturally attached to the meat if the bag limit changes to bull only.

Prior to October 1, meat from the forequarters, hindquarters, and ribs must remain naturally attached to the bone until delivered to the place where it is processed for human consumption.

Successful hunters must report their harvest within 3 days after the kill. You can report in person, by mail, or online at this link:

Unsuccessful hunters must report within 15 days of close of season.


Community Harvest Hunters:

For those hunting under the Community Harvest program, caribou hunters must salvage for human consumption all edible meat from the forequarters, hindquarters, ribs, neck, and backbone, as well as the heart, liver, kidneys, and fat.


Nelchina Caribou Unit 13 Draw Permit Winners:

For those holding a DC480, 481, 482, or 483 permit, please be aware that these hunts could be closed by Emergency Order prior to the August 20th start date. Use the hotline number and web link above to keep informed on any hunt closures before you head to the field.