Sunday, October 28, 2007

Game Board Meets in Bethel November 9-12

The Alaska Board of Game is meeting November 9-12, 2007 at the Yup’iit Piciryarait Cultural Center in Bethel. The Board will be looking at more than 50 proposals dealing with hunting and trapping regulations in the Arctic and Western regions of the Alaska.

The deadline for written comments on the regulation proposals was October 26. Oral testimony will be taken beginning Friday, November 9.

See the ADF&G press release for complete details.

Winter Draw Hunt Application Period Nov 1 - Dec 6

The Alaska winter drawing hunt period is November 1 - December 6. The drawing permit hunt supplement is now available on the ADF&G website, and should be available from license vendors in late October.

Deer Closure in SE Alaska Not Planned, But Heavy Snows Could Change Plans

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game in a recent news release said that it has no plans no to close the deer hunting season in SE Alaska Game Management Units 1 and 4, as some have asked. Deer numbers are down from the heavy snows of the winter of 2006/2007, but the hunt has not been changed.

The news release pointed out that early and heavy snowfalls in October and November could force a re-evaluation of the hunting regulations. If that is the case, the state will make hunters aware through the news media.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mountain Goat Registration Permit Hunts Close Near Anchorage

Mountain goat registration permit hunts RG868 and RG878 in the Twentymile drainage of GMU14(C) closed October 18 by emergency order.

The 6 "goat units" harvest objective has been reached with a harvest of 6 billies.

Read the ADFG emergency order >>>

Canada Goose Hunting Closed on Portion of Kodiak

An ADF&G emergency order has closed the NE portion of Kodiak Island in GMU 8 (the Kodiak archipelago) to hunting for Canada geese.

The Cananda goose population translocated there in 1987 has grown enough for a limited hunt, but the EO says that additional harvest at this point could result in reduced future hunting opportunity.

Read the entire ADFG emergency order >>>

Afognak Registration Elk Hunt to Partially Open 23 October

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has announced that elk hunting will open on most of Kodiak Island on October 23, 2007 for hunters who have registration permits. In addition to Afognak, Kodiak, Shuyak and Ban islands are included in the opening. The SE portion of Afognak will be closed.

Raspberry Island elk hunting is drawing permit only.

Read the entire ADFG news release >>>

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Goat Hunting Partially Closed Near Haines

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed mountain goat hunting in a portion of GMU 1D near the city of Haines effective October 16, 2007.

The area closed is a portion of the Takshanuk Mountains from the NW saddle between Mt. Tukgahgo to the city of Haines.

The harvest objective has been reached, the emergency order indicated.

Read the ADFG Emergency Order >>>

ADFG Weighs In on Katmai Bear Hunts Question

The Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation has produced online information about the brown bear hunts in Katmai National Preserve as a result of substantial attention to this in the media in recent weeks.

The ADFG information points out that bear populations in the area are carefully monitored and are healthy. The agency says a conservative harvest strategy in the area has resulted in high numbers of bears that area used by both viewers and hunters.

The agency information page also discussed fair chase and whether these human habituated bears have been taken in an ethical manner.

Unakwik Inlet Goat Hunt in GMU 6D Now Closed

Cordova area mountain goat registration hunt RG252 closed at the end of the day October 16, according to a news release from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The area affected includes only a portion of GMU 6D west of Columbia Glacier and east of Unakwik Inlet.

The allowable harvest in the area was set at 13 goats. At the time of the closure announcement, the harvest was at 11 goats, including 1 nanny. Nannies count as 2 goats.

Read the entire ADFG News Release >>>

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nelchina WinterTier II Caribou Hunt Nixed

The winter Tier II hunt for Nelchina caribou has been closed according to a report published by the Fairbanks Daily News Miner.

The paper reported ADFG staff in Glennallen had decided to close the hunt at the end of the fall season because approximately 1,000 caribou had been harvested, and the herd was still somewhat below the population objective.

Read the entire article in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner >>>

Valdez Goat Hunt RG249 Closed 13 October

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced that Valdez Area mountain goat registration permit hunt RG249 closed at the end of the day on October 13.

The harvest quota has been met according to ADFG staff.

Read the ADFG News Release here >>>

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mt. Goat Hunt RG868 Closed

Mountain goat hunting in the Twentymile area (registration hunt RG868) closed on October 12, 2007. ADFG staff reported that 6 "mountain goat units" had been taken; in this case 6 billies.

Read the news release from ADFG >>>

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Channel 2 Says It Is Not Guilty In Hunter Harassment Charge

Anchorage Channel 2 TV has responded with a "not guilty" to charges that it interfered with a lawful hunt in the Katmai Preserve. Charges of hunter harassment have been filed with the Alaska Wildlife Troopers against a Channel 2 news team as a result of a filmed news story of a bear hunt now being shown on YouTube.

Channel 2 News says it "took no editorial stance in its coverage and presented opinions from the hunting guide, Alaska Fish and Game, the National Park Service, and a group of people opposed to the hunt, whom we accompanied to the Preserve."

The organization also responded to the criticism that accompanying those who opposed the hunt was an editorial decision in itself, by writing "we have never been provided the opportunity to witness such a hunting trip with a guide, and once in the area, we provided every opportunity for the hunters and their guides to explain their perspective."

Channel 2 also said that the hunters involved were very aggressive, threatening, armed and intimidating to their crew.

Board Maintains Nelchina Subsistence Hunt

The Alaska Joint Board of Fisheries and Game has derailed a Mat-Su Advisory Committee proposal that would have created a GMU 13 non-subsistence area, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

The proposal, if enacted into regulation would have allowed all Alaska hunters to have equal access to the caribou in a substantial portion of the Nelchina basin.

The paper reported that the proposal was the subject of great concern in rural communities.

Read the entire story in the Anchorage Daily News >>>

Monday, October 08, 2007

SE Alaska Deer Hunt Underway Despite Reduced Deer Numbers

Cold weather and deep snow took a serious toll on SE Alaska deer during the 2006/2007 winter, but the deer season is proceeding, but Alaska Wildlife News says state biologists are keeping a wary eye on the population.

The effect on deer was not as severe in southern SE Alaska, a companion article reported.

Board to Tackle Nelchina NonSubsistence Area Proposal

The Alaska Board of Game will consider today eliminating or sending forward a proposal by the Mat-Su Fish & Game Advisory Committee. The proposal will not be decided today, but the Board can decide to keep it or eliminate it from consideration at a 2008 meeting.

The proposal would designate a substantial portion of the Nelchina Basin as a non-subsistence area, which would allow all Alaskans an equal opportunity to participate in hunting caribou in the desirable area.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that "The proposal has many Alaska Natives and residents of a few Copper River basin communities in an uproar over their subsistence privileges."

Read the entire article in the Anchorage Daily News. >>>

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Katmai Area Bear Hunt Youtubed

In a front page story, the Anchorage Daily News reports a legal bear hunt in Katmai National Park Preserve has been filmed by a Homer videographer and then uploaded to the popular video website YouTube. The paper predicts the apparent ease of taking the bear in an area where substantial bear watching occurs will again inflame anti hunting sentiments.

The video is being discussed in the Katmai Grizz thread on the Alaska Hunting Forum.