Friday, February 10, 2006

Audio interview with ADFG on bear hide sale, sheep

The Alaska Board of Game recently legalized the sale of brown and black bear hides from areas where the state is intensively managing big game. Alaska Hunting News spoke with ADF&G spokesman Bruce Bartley today about the new regulation.

During the interview, we also asked about changes in the sheep sealing regulation implemented at this recent board meeting.

In a conversation some hours after the interview, Bartley said that it will, in fact, be legal to sell bear hides taken on federal lands. He also said that only green hides could be sold. Tanned hides would not be legal for sale.

Any bear hide that is intended for sale must be sealed at an ADF&G office, and in the case of brown bear hides intended for sale, the hide must be sealed at the Tok ADF&G office. There will be a special seal for hides intended to be sold.

Click the small triangle on the graphic below to start the audio.

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