Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ADFG requesting help on lakes, streams info

The Alaska Departments of Fish and Game and Natural Resources are looking to users for some information about some specific waterbodies.

ADFG's ANILCA program wrote this to us in an email: "...(We are) collecting information on specific rivers, lakes and streams throughout Alaska. Information is needed on many of the state’s 14 million acres of inland navigable waters so we can catalog historical and contemporary use, as well as hydrological characteristics. Any personal observations and concerns are also helpful and appreciated. At this time, January 2006, we are particularly interested in boat use on the Nabesna and Chisana Rivers and on Moose Creek and Scottie Creek (emphasis added) near Northway, Alaska, however boat use on any river, lake or stream will be very useful in establishing the state position. Thank you for your help."

ADFG also sent a cover letter and a form that focus on what they are specifically looking for.

Is this important? Here's what the cover letter says, in part: "The information you provide will help the Departments in addressing access, management, and ownership issues that are increasing throughout the state."

David's translation: if you want to keep using these rivers, this information is important.

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