Thursday, August 30, 2007

Interactive Alaska Outdoors Encyclopedia Launched

The Alaska Outdoors Wiki, an interactive encyclopedia has launched on the Alaska Outdoors Supersite (tm). A wiki is a set of web pages that can be added to and edited by users. The largest collection of current articles relate to Alaska hunting, although there are a few useful articles in other subject areas as well.

The concept of the Alaska Outdoors Wiki is to provide a user developed compilation of outdoor information specific to Alaska. The point of this wiki is for outdoors people to share how and why information about Alaska outdoors subjects.

The most famous example of a wiki is the Wikipedia, a huge encyclopedia with thousands of articles covering a wide swath human knowledge in multiple languages. The Alaska Outdoors Wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia.

There are 37 articles now on the Alaska Outdoors Wiki, although a few of them are just beginning stubs. Here are the current articles:

ATV / ORV trails Alaska boat launching facilities
Bear baiting Black bear hunting Boating
Boots Bowhunting Canoeing
Caribou hunting Climbing Conservation
Dog Mushing Field care Fishing
Float Hunting Flying Four wheeling
Hiking Hunting Interior Alaska Hunting
Jonesville mine, Eska Falls Jonesville mine, Eska Falls. Sutton Main Page
Maps Moose hunting Mountain Biking
Outdoors photography Rafting Road Hunting
Sitka Hunting Skiing Snowshoeing
Southcentral Alaska Hunting Southeast Alaska Hunting Tents
Where to Start Rafting in Alaska

Visitors who are not forum members can contact to obtain authorization to edit the wiki.

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