Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fed Subsistence Board Meets 30 Apr - 2 May

From a USFWS News Release:

The Federal Subsistence Board will meet April 30-May 2 at the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel, 401 E. 6th Ave., Anchorage to consider changes to Federal subsistence hunting and trapping regulations. Also on the agenda at this meeting will be the State of Alaska's request for reconsideration of the Board's November 2006 decision recognizing the customary and traditional use of fish in the Kenai River area by residents of Ninilchik.

The Board will also meet May 8-10 at the Coast International Inn, 3450 Aviation Drive, Anchorage, to consider changes to Federal subsistence fishing regulations on the Kenai Peninsula. In addition the Board will take action regarding the proper balance of subsistence, sport, and commercial representatives on the subsistence regional advisory councils.

Additional information on the Federal Subsistence Management Program can be found on the web here.

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