Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deer winter kill being evaluated

Possible bag limit reductions from Kodiak to Southeast. Deer numbers are being evaluated to determine winter kill numbers after heavy snowfall.


"Even before Juneau broke its the seasonal snow record with over 195 inches at the airport, Annex Creek, just 12 miles south of town and also at sea level, had 450 inches, more than 37 feet."

"'We started off with lots of snow, which rained off,' said Larry Van Daele, a state wildlife biologist in Kodiak. Then temperatures dipped into the teens. 'We lost most of the fawns early, and now the adults are starting to tip over,' he said.

"Van Daele said the Department of Fish and Game may consider reducing the deer hunting seasons and/or bag limits next fall to help the herds rebuild. That's what happened after the winter of 1998-99."

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