Friday, April 13, 2012

Is there a guide hunting "your" area?

If you're researching for a new hunting area, don't forget to check with the Big Game Commercial Services Board, to see if there is a guide already using the area. Granted, private hunters have as much a right to hunt as to guided hunters, but nobody wants to hunt on top of someone else. Take a few minutes to check it out. Here is a post from the Big Game Commercial Services Board's site, with links to the list of guides by GMU and by Guide Use Area (GUA):

Listing of Guide-Outfitter’s authorized to provide big game services’ within specific Game Management Units. The listing is presented in numerical order by Game Management Unit and Guide Use Area.

Field Care of Big Game Meat online at ADF&G

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game produced a video entitled, "Field Care of Big Game Meat". We carry that DVD in our store AT THIS LINK, but you are also welcome to watch it for free on the ADF&G website. Here's the verbiage from their site:

Field Care of Big Game Meat

The best way to learn to field dress big game is to help an experienced hunter with an animal. It is also good to review the steps to field dressing before the hunt. If you have never field dressed a moose or other large-bodied game animal you should purchase a copy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Field Care of Big Game instructional video. This video will show you a step-by-step method to field dress a moose, no matter how or where the animal has fallen.
Field Care of Big Game is required viewing for unguided nonresident moose and caribou hunters in Game Management Unit 19B.
Watch the Video -  WMV format (requires Windows Media Player**)
Time: 53 min